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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

J. R. R. Tolkien Went into the West, but Gave Us Middle-earth

It’s January 3, which means that on this day, in 1892, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was born. Undoubtedly one of the most influential authors of modern mythic literature, Tolkien spent his childhood as an avid reader and a lover of language. As a boy, he often preferred to invent new tongues himself or with friends. His youthful fancies informed his academic career, and Tolkien eventually became a professor of English Literature. In the 1930s, he wrote an article about the criticism of Beowulf that forever changed how the literary world academically viewed the poem.

Who Cares About Lyrics Anyway? 4-Year-Old Sings Frozen’s “Let It Go”

Speaking from childhood experience, nothing is more fun than singing songs from your favorite musical cartoons. And now that Disney’s Frozen seems to have revived the tradition, we’ve got the most adorable recording for you—4-year-old Ella singing Idina Menzel’s number “Let It Go.”

Could The Wheel of Time Win a Hugo Award?

Hail, people of! Leigh Butler here, of The Wheel of Time Reread. Today, in addition to a Reread, I bring you some interestingly weird news (at least I think so), and an even more interesting (I hope) request. It will BLOW YOUR MIND, y’all. Or, well, it will at least severely ruffle your bangs. You will need a comb, I’m not kidding. …And, yeah. Anyway, to find out what the heck I’m blathering about, click the jump!

It's the Avengers World, we just live in it

Not only is Marvel beginning five new series tomorrow, including Avengers World, X- Factor and a new Black Widow series, but Mile Morales meets his fate, Infinity Heist ends, and the comics that put the Guardians of the Galaxy back on the map finally return! Plus a big Bat-celebration, Adventure Time, and a hero who's truly his own worst enemy, all in this week's comics!

Last night's Almost Human felt like SVU with android mood swings

With a plot about a bomb maker who gets off on tormenting and broadcasting his victims, this week's episode of Almost Human felt a bit more like an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit than a futuristic cop drama. Of course, Benson and Stabler don't usually have to deal with a partner whose personality is on the fritz.

Will Sansa Stark end up a villain or a victim?

Today, we read some hints for George R.R. Martin's The Winds of Winter and this sparked a flurry of speculation about Sansa Stark and her ultimate fate. Here are a few theories as to Sansa's future position in the Game of Thrones.